SVENSKA MEMO: Edugame Showcase

With 25 years of experience in sustainable design, art, architecture, and culture,

let's create together! Selected for the Baltic accelerator program, 2024,

with a focus on sustainable production!

Crafting Game Design Stories

With 25 years of experience, our team is dedicated to sustainable production in design, art, architecture, and culture realms. We focus on creating immersive experiences that bridge analogue and digital worlds.

Latest project new interactive platform for edugame within a subscription, including templates for producing your own game.

Coming soon "how the platform works" illustrations are presented here from Mai, 2024.

Svenska Memo in collaboration with and with support from Kulturrådet and We Know it.

Innovative Art & Design Collection


Interactive History Quest

Reimagining historical events through engaging gameplay and stunning visuals, blending 25 years of experience in design and culture.

Architectural Packaging


Designing packaging inspired by iconic architectural wonders, showcasing our focus on art, architecture, and sustainable production.

An immersive journey into diverse art forms and cultural expressions, reflecting a passion for design and cultural innovation.


Cultural Art Exploration

Creating games with a purpose, leveraging our expertise in sustainable production to merge art, design, and technology seamlessly.


Sustainable Game Initiatives

Join us for a creative journey on our new platform

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